Milton Bankruptcy Trustees.

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Milton Bankruptcy Trustees.

Call us at 877-223-3075 to set up a free, no obligation consultation

The Milton bankruptcy trustees at this firm will give you a FREE consultation so you can explore your options for a fresh financial start. You can also get a FREE financial evaluation over the phone by clicking on the Evaluation link below.

Please provide your trustee with your basic information with this filled out form.

Monthly payment terms are available.

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Our Milton bankruptcy trustees get great satisfaction out of helping people in the Milton area deal with their debt problems and get on track towards a secure financial future.   We believe everyone deserves a fresh financial start.

We understand the overwhelming stress caused by a severe financial crisis.  Don’t be discouraged. We can design a plan to get you out of debt and pointed towards a secure financial future.  You are not alone.   In 2014 more than 119,000 people in Canada filed bankruptcy or a consumer proposal.

When we have a full understanding of your financial problem, we will suggest options for fresh financial start.   We will explain how various debt relief plans work so you can make an informed decision on the best way for you to get a your fresh start.

When you file bankruptcy or a consumer proposal protection from your creditors goes into immediate effect.   You will find your stress gone because:

  • Your creditors, by law, are prevented from taking collection action against you;
  • Collection calls stop;
  • Interest stops accruing;
  • Garnishees in place or contemplated stop.

Call us at 877-223-3075 to set up a free, no obligation consultation with one of our Etobicoke bankruptcy trustees.

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