Ajax Bankruptcy Trustees.

Ajax Bankruptcy Trustees.

1-888-820-4037.    Call us today for a no obligation, free consultation!

The trustees at this Ajax bankruptcy firm will give you a FREE consultation so you can explore your options for a fresh financial start.   You can also get a FREE financial evaluation over the phone by clicking on the Evaluation link below.

Monthly payment terms are available.

Kelly DeyBurton, Dey & Associates LTD., 1-888-820-4037
577 Kingston Road West, Ajax, Ontario

More information from Burton, Dey & Associates.

We have partnered with Ajax bankruptcy trustees,  Burton, Dey & Associates.   They are experienced and knowledgeable experts in helping people get a fresh financial start  through bankruptcy, consumer proposals or financial planning.

Burton, Dey will explain all your options.   It may be better budgeting and money control if the debt problem is not too severe.

Bankruptcy may be the best option to get clear of your debts and start building a more secure financial future.   A bankruptcy is usually the cheapest and quickest way to erase your debts.   Most people are out of bankruptcy in 9 months and keep all their assets.   The minimum cost is $1,800 payable over nine moths.

A consumer proposal will allow you to avoid bankruptcy by paying only a portion of your debts and to retain all your assets.  Even assets that may be lost in a bankruptcy can be retained in a consumer proposal.

Trustees do more than just provide bankruptcy and consumer proposal services.  They have often advised people, who are judgement proof, how to deal with their creditors without going bankrupt and at no cost.   You can take the first step towards getting your money problems under control by scheduling a confidential and no cost insolvency evaluation with a member of our team.

Our office can be reached at 1-888-820-4037.    Call us today for a no obligation, free consultation!

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